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A Helping Hand

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About Me

I was raised in an Air Force family which gave me an upbringing filled with diversity. It developed in me a sense of adventure, loyalty, patriotism and family. It also presented me with the challenges of packing up frequently...........

"A single act of kindness
can cause ripples of healing"


I have seen Sid for several years now for many things including adult ADHD, Anxiety, and PTSD.  His Somatic Experience treatments have changed my outlook on life and given me tools that I didn't have before!



It is hard to express in one paragraph just how much Sid has meant in my recovery.  I use the relaxation and focus techniques every day, and once you learn "vuuuuuuu" your days might get easier to get through with a smile. 


Sid prepared me to jump into action and be proactive about myself and how others see me.  Having someone to talk to that I trust makes a huge difference in my life.

Get in Touch

14261 East 4th Avenue BLDG 6 Suite 305 Aurora, Colorado 80011

Thanks for reaching out!!

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